What is a SockiBox?

A SockiBox Subscription will have 3 different levels of a Subscription Box you will receive monthly according to the specific box level you choose. Each box will come with SockiBomb specific items. This is a GREAT opportunity to get all the exclusive SockiBomb items! Be sure to sign-up today to start you subscription! If you decide that SockiBox is not for you after signing up, just simply e-mail Ricky@rickywysocki.com and let us know you would no longer like to be subscribed. Please let us know why you choose to opt out as well. Below are the level of boxes you may choose to subscribe to: 

Grenade (entry level):  $30 subscription box includes 1-2 discs that are being promoted at that time. This will also include other items such as lanyards, stickers, shot glasses, and/or coupons. 

Dynamite (mid-level):  $50 subscription box includes a NEW LIMITED monthly release disc, (also an assortment to change every month), a shirt, a hat, a mini disc, lanyards and/or coupons. 

Bomb Collector: $ 75 subscription box includes a limited edition 1/100 unreleased, signed SockiBomb collector disc, also a new limited monthly release disc, disc of their preference, an assortment may include an assortment of a shirt, hat, mini disc, shot glasses, coupons and also a raffle ticket to be picked at the end of the month for the raffle being offered for that month. 

There are SO many GREAT choices of SockiBox that will help you stay up on SockiBomb items and New releases! 

Level of SockiBox
Shirt Size
Favorite Color (Choose 3)
Favorite Color
Favorite Color(Choose 3)

To OPT-OUT: Please email Ricky@rickywysocki.com and let them know you would like to unsubscribe.