UPDATED 1/22/2019 

                                                                                                       Read Description below for Subscription box changes

What is a SockiBox?

A SockiBox Subscription will have 3 different levels of a Subscription Box you will receive monthly according to the specific box level you choose. Each box will come with SockiBomb specific items. This is a GREAT opportunity to get all the exclusive SockiBomb items! Some months boxes may include signature discs. Be sure to sign-up today to start you subscription! If you decide that SockiBox is not for you after signing up, just simply e-mail Ricky@rickywysocki.com and let us know you would no longer like to be subscribed. Please let us know why you choose to opt out as well. Below are the level of boxes you may choose to subscribe to: 

Grenade (entry level):  

$30 Subscription box includes one of the discs being promoted at that time. This level also includes at least three other items such as SockiBomb Lanyards, stickers, shot glasses, or coupons/etc. Items will vary depending on the latest items we have in stock at that time. 

Dynamite (mid-level):  

$50 includes a higher value disc and 2 other discs. The contents depend on the discs available. We will also send swag items when available. Be on the look out for signed discs if available that month! 

Atomic Collector: 

$ 75 subscription box includes some type of collector disc, an in-stock disc of your selected preference type, an assortment of merchandise including a shirt, hat, mini disc, shot glass, and/or coupons.  Typically an Atomic box collector will be getting on average 3-4 disc per month. Plus, as a Bonus, Atomic box customers will each be entered into a raffle when the raffle will be a box item. ATOMIC Winners will be selected “LIVE” at the end of each month when ran. (Be sure to know it will not be sent out each month)  eg- could be a video chat with Ricky to help with certain areas of needed improvement for the Atomic raffle winner/ tips for better playing. Also could include 

Raffle Ticket Guidelines: 

In the Bomb Collector there will be a monthly raffle for a surprise item/items. Be sure to keep your raffle ticket that will be included in your SockiBox each month, and we will choose the ticket live so you can see who the winner is! The items each month for the raffle will be sure to be something different each time. 

Shipping will be included in the cost of the boxes to the United States only. If you would like to have an order sent out of the U.S. we can send them but will charge for shipping.

Each box will be sent on the last week of the month. If you are to purchase on that last week time we will still send it as long as it is in the current month. Please give a couple days for shipping and handling. 

If you would like to change your preference on your NEXT SockiBox subscription shipment please Email: Ricky@RickyWysocki.com with “SockiBox Preference Change” in the subject. Then simply let us know what you would like to have changed.  Changes can only be made once per month for orders not yet processed.

There are SO many GREAT choices of SockiBox that will help you keep up with current SockiBomb items and New releases! Check out Which option you would like below:

Disc Preference
Shirt Size
Favorite Color
To OPT-OUT: Please email Ricky@rickywysocki.com and let us know you would like to unsubscribe or visit : http://www.sockibomb.com/p/unsubscribe-from-sockibox