Pre-Order Policy All pre-orders will require full payment of all merchandise ordered, including shipping charges, at the time the pre-order is placed. We will always attempt to fill each and every order, but in some cases for reasons beyond our control (such as a case where the manufacturers changes a shipment date at the last minute) delays, augmentations, or cancellations may be necessary. In situations where manufacturers release product in waves or partial quantities we will always ship the oldest pre-orders first. If the customer wishes to change or cancel their pre-order before shipment, we will at the request of the customer, refund the full amount to the customer. We reserve the right to cancel any orders for any reason at any time, and will contact the customer (using the email address the customer has provided) but are under no obligation to obtain permission or acknowledgement prior to cancellation. Communication is very important for us, please contact us if you have any questions.