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Welcome to where you can get your featured disc golf items.

Welcome to where you can get your featured disc golf items.Welcome to where you can get your featured disc golf items.Welcome to where you can get your featured disc golf items.

Ricky Wysocki #38008

Ricky was Born June 5, 1993 in the Cleveland Ohio area. He was the third child of what was to become a large family of EIGHT kids! Yep! Ricky has two older sisters, four younger sisters and one younger brother. It seemed Ricky could rarely be found at the family homestead. While he loved and excelled at many sports, early on Ricky especially enjoyed baseball and basketball. Whether out and about with some buddies, in another city for a travel baseball tournament, down the street playing basketball, or fishing at the pond by his home, he always kept busy. Sports and the Outdoors was in his blood from a very early age. And he was always all about competitiveness!

Today, as you all know, he travels the WORLD, and once again, is very rarely ‘home’. As much as he is loved and very much missed by his family, he LOVES disc golf and they are happy to see him so happy with what he is doing. 

He started in Disc golf in Medina, Ohio at Roscoe Ewing Park, which was a short 2 minute walk from his home. That is where he found his love for the sport. Many days Ricky would be gone from sun up to sun down, and was practicing for what he didn't know would be his future. Ricky signed up to the PDGA player number of 38008 when he was just 15! At 16 Ricky was already winning local tourneys and scrambles at different courses near by. If he needed to, he would hitch a ride with people he may have met through playing, to take part in different tournaments to throw. Then Ricky made it to the Kansas City PDGA AM worlds in 2009. After feeding on the competition he experienced in Kansas- Ricky wasn't going anywhere - he was Hooked! 
As far as Ricky has come with his career and his growth as a professional, he is still the same old HILARIOUS, loving, and kind Ricky he has always has been. After playing the sport for only 2 years, Ricky had won a World Champion title! 2010 Ricky was titled Amateur World Champion. It didn't stop at that - in 2011 - his rookie year as a pro, Ricky WON the PDGA Championship in Appling, GA. Then in 2012 Ricky went on to be chosen Rookie of The Year with top 5 finishes in 36 out of 41 events played, where 27 of the 41 events he was first or second place! Ricky was then went on to be the Player of the Year for 2012! What an accomplishment. In 2013 Ricky had his first trip overseas. From there he has come so far and accomplished many of his goals including World Champion- TWICE! 
Today Ricky is traveling around the world for his love of the game. His family is right there cheering him on. You may see Ricky at an event or on the road to the next! Now that you know him a little better, cheer him on and realize that deep down he’s just a good ol’ boy and probably a lot like You!